Make the most of life with your little one using Boon Kuwait’s innovative and colourful products. On its pursuit to simplify parenting, the baby brand offers everything from food dispensing spoons to toys. Allow your little one to play with dragon teethers and snack balls to keep them entertained throughout the day, while bubble dippers will be a splashing hit during bath time. Boon products also include nature-inspired drying racks and accessories that can easily stack mountains of bottles and sippy cup parts.
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  • KWD 1.500 - KWD 11.010
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Boon Bottle Washing Bundle
KWD 11.000
Boon Water Bugs  - Orange
KWD 4.000
Boon Snug Straw w/Cup - Girl
KWD 5.000
33% OFF
Boon Star Drain Cover
KWD 2.000 KWD 3.000
Boon Twig - White
KWD 2.000
25% OFF
Boon Snack Ball - Pink/ Purple
KWD 1.500 KWD 2.000
Boon PRANCE Unicorn Silicone Teether
KWD 3.000
25% OFF
Boon Stem - Blue/Orange
KWD 1.500 KWD 2.000
31% OFF
Boon BENTO Lunch Box - Snail
KWD 5.500 KWD 8.000
Boon Patch
KWD 6.000
Boon GROWL Dragon Silicone Teether
KWD 3.000
Boon Poke Grass Accessory
KWD 2.000

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