With its innovative baby gear and travel systems, Nuna has garnered over 320 awards which prove as a testament to its high-quality standards and smart product design. The Nuna Kuwait collection offers premium baby strollers, bouncers, and carriers made with clean Dutch designs to suit modern-day aesthetics. Take your little one on new adventures with Nuna’s TRIV and PEPP Next pushchairs which are ideal for traveling on planes, metros, and cars thanks to their easily foldable frames and progressive suspension technology that gives ultimate comfort to your baby. When looking for a hands-free alternative, choose the CUDL carriers that keep your little one close and secure as you go about your day.
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  • KWD 14.000 - KWD 250.010
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Nuna TRIV Baby Stroller with Rain Cover and Adapter - Chestnut
KWD 250.000
Nuna LEAF™ Grow - Charcoal With Toy
KWD 114.750
Nuna LEAF™ Grow - Peach With Toy
KWD 114.750
40% OFF
Nuna Pepp™ Next Stroller - Caviar
KWD 74.000 KWD 123.000
40% OFF
Nuna Pepp™ Next Stroller - Lake
KWD 74.000 KWD 123.000
KWD 60.000
Nuna TRIV Baby Stroller with Rain Cover and Adapter Caviar
KWD 250.000
KWD 106.500
40% OFF
Nuna TRIV Carry Cot _ Rain Cover Caviar
KWD 47.250 KWD 78.750
Nuna Leaf Series Toybar Accessory Reversible
KWD 14.000
Nuna Myti Frost
KWD 151.750

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