Fridababy provides everything parents need to keep their little one healthy and clean on a daily basis - from boogers, butts, and beyond. The much-loved NoseFrida nasal aspirator helps keep your kid's nostril clean naturally, while the Windi tubes help babies get rid of excess gas and relieve constipation. Their range of pediatric-approved products also includes training toothbrushes, teethers, detanglers, clippers, and vapor bath bombs to help make everyday life with your child simpler. Shop the Kuwait collection today.
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  • KWD 3.000 - KWD 15.510
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Frida Baby Basics Kit
KWD 15.500
3-in-1 True Temp Thermometer by Frida (CR2032 Battery)
KWD 13.000
Frida Toddler Thick or Curly Hair Detangler
KWD 6.000
Baby Grooming Kit by Fridababy
KWD 14.000
Frida Baby - SmileFrida ToothHugger Kids Toothbrush - Pink
KWD 3.000
Fridababy - Grow With Me Training Toothbrush Set
KWD 6.000
Fridababy Sick Day Preparation Kit
KWD 14.000
Smilefrida The Toothhugger - Yellow
KWD 3.000
Fridababy Easy Grip Nail Scissors
KWD 4.250
Fridababy Paci Weaning System Pacifier
KWD 11.250

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