Travelling with little ones is made easier with Bugaboo Kuwait essentials. Be it a brisk stroll around the neighborhood or a drive to the beachside, these sturdy and sleek products will ensure a safe and comfortable experience for parents and kids. The ‘Ant’ series stroller base and set are compact and lightweight, eliminating all the heavy lifting during travel. For car rides, choose Bugaboo’s car seat adapter that secures the baby seat firmly to avoid any mishaps. Plan your next adventure with your little one for all kinds of fun and mischief, our Bugaboo products have your back.
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  • KWD 17.000 - KWD 155.010
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Bugaboo Breezy Seat Liner - Misty Grey
KWD 34.000
Bugaboo Ant Base - Aluminium
KWD 155.000
Bugaboo Ant Adapter For Selected Car Seats
KWD 17.000

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