Infantino’s wide range of toys and baby essentials make everyday life with your little one easier and more fun, providing everything to keep them full of smiles and entertained. Our curated Dubai edit includes teethers, sensory rattles, play mats, and bath blocks to keep kids curious while they learn and grow. While the baby carriers, squeeze stations and squeeze pouches make parenting fun and convenient. Discover the collection below.
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  • KWD 1.000 - KWD 14.760
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Infantino 3 In 1 Projector Musical Mobile
KWD 14.750
KWD 8.250
Infantino Colors & Numbers Bath Blocks
KWD 4.250
Infantino Bath Duck N Family
KWD 2.500
Infantino Stack O' Fun
KWD 2.250
Infantino Spin & Slide Dj Panda
KWD 8.750
Infantino Bath Duck Squirt & Temperature Tester
KWD 2.500
Infantino - Squeeze Station
KWD 13.500
Infantino - Slide & Chew Teether Keys
KWD 2.250
Infantino - Wrist Rattles - Monkey/Panda
KWD 2.500
Infantino - 50 Pack Squeeze Pouches (50 Caps)
KWD 10.250
Infantino- Vibrating Teether - Strawberry
KWD 3.000
Infantino - Spin & Rattle Teether
KWD 2.000
Infantino- Water Teether- Grape Fruit
KWD 1.000
Infantino - Kobtc-Water Wand
KWD 2.250
Infantino - Bendy Lion Teether
KWD 1.500
Infantino - Stack'N Nest Cups
KWD 1.500
Infantino - Reusable Squeeze Pouch
KWD 4.500
Infantino - Gaga - Stroller Arch
KWD 11.000

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