CYBEX Sirona Z2 i-Size Plus Deep Black

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The Sirona Z2 i-Size showcases safety, convenience and style. Thanks to the clever 360° rotation mechanism it’s easy to choose between the safe rear-facing or the comfortable forward-facing positions. Your child’s entry and exit are also effortless, as the seat can now be rotated to the door-side of the car even if reclined. The industry-defining safety standards that CYBEX is known for are assured with the inbuilt Linear Side-impact Protection System and Energy-Reduction Technology. Smooth, comfortable and safe trips for you and your child are a given with the Sirona Z2 i-Size.

Straightforward operation with separate rotation and recline handles, as well as a newborn inlay for an enhanced ergonomic position for the child. Rear and front-facing with flexible comfort for a growing child.

Product Features:

  • Easy boarding position: The 360° rotation mechanism eases the child’s entry and exit, relieving strain on parent’s backs. The seat can be rotated using only one hand even when in a reclined position, allowing even the youngest passenger to be boarded ergonomically. The rotation mechanism makes switching between rear and forward-facing positions easy
  • Safe travels up to 4 years: In its rear-facing position Sirona Z2 i-Size reduces the risk of injury in a head-on collision. Tests show that the force of impact from a frontal crash is distributed more evenly over a large area of the car seat shell. We recommend using the Sirona in the rear-facing position until the child is at least 15 months old and longer if possible.
  • Maximum comfort in the car: The one-hand recline function makes it easy for parents to adjust the seat while keeping their other hand free. The Sirona Z2 i-Size car seat has 5 recline positions in both rear and forward-facing modes, increasing comfort for sleeping and travelling.
  • Effortless Boarding: The magnetic belt holders ease taking your child in and out of the car by securing the belts to the sides of the car seat, so they do not obstruct your child’s entry or exit.
  • Grows with the child: The adjustable headrest has 12 positions so it can be adapted to your child’s size as they grow, offering protection throughout the years that the car seat is in use.
  • Side-impact Protection: The integrated Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) System of the Sirona Z2 i-Size offers increased safety in the event of a side-impact collision. Working in combination with the energyabsorbing shell, it reduces the force of a side-impact by approximately 25%.
  • Good fit for even the Youngest of Travellers: The Sirona Z2 i-Size includes a removable, new and improved newborn inlay, which creates a near-flat lying position for newborns. This helps to reduce the risk of the baby’s head tipping forward while asleep, which can lead to serious breathing problems. To accommodate your infant as they grow, the newborn inlay should be removed once the child is taller than 60 cm.
  • More Safety when Forward-facing: The Sirona Z2 i-Size Energy-Reduction Technology (ER-Tech) offers increased safety for your child in the forwardfacing position in the event of a head-on collision. In a frontal crash, technology in the seat helps to reduce the force acting on the neck of a child by more than 20%, compared to other conventional 5-point harness systems.

Product Specifications:

Age Suitability: 45 – 105 cm, from birth up to approx. 4 years. Max. 18 kg
Dimensions: L 715 mm / W 430 mm / H 640 mm
Weight:  Weight: 15 kg
Compatibility:  Compatible with Sensor Safe
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